Jersey under the Swastika
Philip Frederick Le Sauteur

 A credible account of nazi terror in Jersey
during the occupation

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Philip Frederick Le Sauteur was educated at Portsmouth and Jersey La Motte Street Elementary Schools. He later embarked on a series of apprenticeships: Motor Engineering, Gas Fitting, A. de Gruchy & Co., finally finding his metier with T. Pirouet & Sons, the Builders Merchants in Union Street, St Hélier, where he remained and became Managing Director until his unfornunate death by drowning in a boating accident at Bouley Bay in 1967. He was associated with the Jersey Motor Cycle & Light Car Club for many years as club secretary and was one of the organizers and marshall for the post-war Jersey Grand Prix Motor Race, with Lord Howe. He kept a meticulous diary of events during the German Occupation of Jersey and he had great assistance from Major General Hind, who borrowed communications between the States and the German authorities, for Philip to copy overnight. The diary was in five volumes (one per year) and according to a letter, were to be read by General Montgomery and Sir Winston Churchill. A very abridged version was published under the title "Jersey Under The Swastika". Philip was extremely popular as evidenced by a report broadcast by Channel Television on August 16th 1967 when they paid a moving tribute to him after his unfortunate death. (Reference: Hommages à la famille Le Sauteur - William Thomas Le Sauteur, 1982) 

"Phil Le Sauteur, as he was always known, has two children and three grandchildren still living in the Island. I can remember Dad putting the book together from his original diaries. He used to type with two fingers and, as a small child in bed at night, I could hear him".
Susan Le Sauteur, Jersey, Channel Islands, 2003.


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