Though the first mention we find of the name Le Sauteur in Jersey dates from 1528, in the Extentes, the family will have been there most certainly long before that. However, at this date a Jean Le Sauteur was well established in La Paroisse de Grouville. An indication of the antiquity of the family in Jersey is the fact that amongst the many Fiefs in the Island is that of Le Fief ès Sauteux (or le Fief aux Sauteux) which is in La Vintaine des Marais, à Grouville.

A fire in la rue Morier, St.Hélier had disastrous results for historians and genealogists. At an inquest in 1532 twelve elders testify that "about 30 years back a house in St.Hélier belonging to Thomas Lemprière, the Baliff, was accidently destroyed by fire, and in it were the Privileges, Confirmations, Ancient Rolls, Records and Registers of the Island and these were burn with the house". L'arbre généalogique de la famille Le Sauteur commences significantly in 1500.

The Le Sauteurs' on this genealogical table would appear to stem from La paroisse de St. Sauveur, though we know the Jean of 1528 was well established at that time in La paroisse de Grouville. Furthermore, since Le Fief aux Sauteux in Grouville must have been thus designated long before that date, we can assume La Famille Le Sauteur ou Le Saulteur originally belonged to Grouville.

As can be seen, branches eventually established themselves in every parish of the East of the Island. There is good reason to believe the various branches are descended from one common ancestor but, although we have observed seemingly close connections between the branches, we have left some on this tree with a dotted line since we have not found absolute proof of relationship.

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